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Date: 10/11/2015 ID: faq00002625_003

Where can I get the drivers and utilities that work with Mac OS X 10.6?

The drivers and utilities on the CD-ROM for Mac OS X 10.5 or earlier bundled with your Brother machine are NOT compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. Please review the information below about drivers and utilities for Mac OS X 10.6.


CUPS Printer Driver Compatible Brother original CUPS Printer Driver for Mac X 10.6 is available in the Downloads section. Click here to download and install the latest "CUPS Printer Driver".


The availability of the drivers and utilities described below vary depending on the model number of your machine. Click here to check if they are available to you.

Status Monitor The CUPS Printer Driver contains Brother Status Monitor. Please install the CUPS Printer Driver.
Remote Setup Software The latest Remote Setup Software is available in the Downloads section.
PC-FAX Driver The CUPS Printer Driver contains the PC-FAX driver. To use the PC-FAX send feature, please install the CUPS Printer Driver.


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