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Date: 17/01/2014 ID: faq00000175_000

I'm using my Brother machine in a Windows XP/ Windows Vista networked TCP/IP environment. I was able to print, but suddenly I cannot print. Why?

Please check the following points to solve the problem:


  • Check if the LCD or LED shows some error. If necessary, refer to "FAQs & Troubleshooting" for information on the error message or the LED light.
  • It's possible that the IP address of your Brother machine has changed.


    To check this, print a network configuration page. To learn how to print a configuration page, refer to the User's Guide of your product.


    Now check to see if your PC is configured to print to the IP address of your Brother machine. To do that, go to the control panel and look at your printer's settings. To look at your printer settings, do one of the following:


    1. For Windows XP:
      Click Start, and then Printers and Faxes.

      For Windows Vista:
      Click Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, and then Printers.

    2. Highlight the appropriate Brother driver and click the Right mouse
    3. Click Properties. The Brother printer driver properties screen appears.
    4. Click the Ports tab.
    5. You will see a list of the available communication ports
      on your PC (forexample: LPT1:, LPT2:, COM1:, etc..
    6. Scroll down the list and you will see your current network port of your printer model. Click the Configure Port... and check what IP address is in the Printer Name or IP address area.

      To click the Configure Port..., you need to log on with administrator rights.





    7. Now compare the IP address shown in step 8 with the IP address shown on the print configuration page.



      1. If your IP address is same, it's possible there are some machines which have a same IP address on your network environment. Please consult a system administrator.
      2. If your IP address is different, follow the instructions below:


        Continuing from the steps you followed previously:


        1. Click Add Port....
        2. Choose the Standard TCP/IP Port option and click New Port.
          The Welcome to the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Wizard appears.
        3. Click Next.
        4. In the Printer Name or IP address area enter the node name of the
          Brother device as it is printed on the network configuration page. An
          example node name could be: "BRN_34FDAA".
        5. As you enter the node name, the Port Name box will be automatically updated.
        6. Click Next.
        7. Click Finish.
        8. Click Close on the original Printer Ports screen.
        9. Click Close to return to the original properties screen.
        10. Click Apply and then OK.
        11. Now try to print a test page.

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