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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 19/11/2012 ID: faq00000549_000

I have an external telephone answering device on the same line as my FAX and have the answer mode on my FAX set for TAD mode. How do I know if an incoming call is a telephone (voice) call or a fax?

When someone dials your telephone/ fax number (to send a fax or to speak to you), all the telephones (including the FAX) will ring according to the number of rings you set on the TAD (telephone answering device).


If you answer the call and do not hear CNG (fax) tones (beeping) you can assume the call is a voice call and begin speaking.


If you answer the call using the handset of the FAX or the handset of an external telephone (connected to the EXT jack of the FAX for USA) and hear CNG tones, press the Fax Start or Start/Copy key, wait for the LCD to read "receiving" and then hang up.


If you answer the call using the handset of an extension telephone (telephone connected to a separate wall jack) and hear CNG tones, press the fax receiving code*51 (*91 for New Zealand), wait to hear the fax turn on (chirping sound) and then hang up.


If you do not answer the call, the TAD will answer. As your outgoing message is playing, the FAX is in the background, silently listening for fax tones. If the FAX hears fax tones, it will automatically go into the receive mode. If the FAX does not hear fax tones, it remains silent, allowing the caller to leave a message. In order to determine if the incoming call is a voice call or fax, you must answer the call using either the handset of the FAX or an external/extension telephone connected on the same line.

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