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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 26/11/2021 ID: faqp00000856_035

How do I type symbols?

To type symbols,

  1. Press the [Symbol] key ( symbol key / symbol key ) to enter the Symbol selection screen.
  2. Press up arrow keyordown arrow keyto select the desired category.
  3. Press the [OK] key ( ok key ) or [Enter] key ( enter key / enter key ).
  4. Press up arrow keydown arrow key,left arrow keyor right arrow key until the desired symbol appears.
  5. Press the [OK] key ( ok key ) or [Enter] key ( enter key / enter key ) to add the symbol to the text.


Symbol List

Category Symbols
Punctuation symbol_Punctuation
Bracket/Arrow symbol_Bracket/Arrow
Mathematics symbol_Mathematics
Currency/Unit symbol_Currency/Unit
(Number) symbol_Number_1
[Number] symbol_Number_2
School/Office symbol_School/Office
Kitchen symbol_Kitchen
DIY/Hobby symbol_DIY/Hobby
Season/Holiday symbol_Season/Holiday
Appointment symbol_Appointment
Datacom/AV symbol_Datacom/AV
Smiley symbol_Smiley
Animal symbol_Animal
Sport symbol_Sport
Vehicle symbol_Vehicle
Sign symbol_Sign
Electrical symbol_Electrical
Astrology symbol_Astrology
Pictograph symbol_Pictograph

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