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Innov-is XP1

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Innov-is XP1

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Date: 19/09/2018 ID: faqh00100065_003

How do I save the embroidery patterns in the machine’s memory?


You can save embroidery patterns that you have customized and will use often; for example, your name, patterns that have been rotated or had the size changed, patterns that have had the embroidering position changed, etc. A total of about 10 MB of patterns can be saved in the machine's memory.



  1. Press  when the pattern you want to save is in the embroidering screen.


  2. Press .
    * Press  to return to the original screen without saving.

    >> The Saving… screen is displayed. When the pattern is saved, the display returns to the original screen automatically.





If the Memory is Full

If the message screen Not enough available memory to save the pattern. appears while you are trying to save a stitch pattern, the memory is too full to hold the currently selected stitch pattern.


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