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Date: 16/10/2019 ID: faqp00100409_003

Adding a custom media size for continuous roll (Linux®)

To add a custom media size for continuous roll, do the following:


  1. Run the command to add a custom media size.
    1. Add a new Label Format with the "New Label Format" name and set the 30mm width and length and the 3mm label gap:
      "brpapertoollpr_td4550dnwb -P TD4550DNWB -n Papar_Name -w 30 -h 30 -g 3.0 -b 3 -t 3 -r 1.5 -l 1.5 -e 11 -S [0/1/2] [-m 0.0 -o 0.0]" [Enter]
      (Type the whole command as a single line before you press enter):

       In the case of S=0,1 then program not need (-m 0.0 -o 0.0).
      -P Printer Name, e.g. td4550dnwb
      -n New Label Name
      -w label width
      -h label length
      -g label spacing
      -b bottom margin
      -t top margin
      -r right margin
      -l left margin
      -e energyRank[optional]
      -S 0/1/2(0:Continuous Length Roll/1:Die-Cut Label/2:Media With Marks)
      -m mark
      -o mark offset
    2. Remove the Label Format with the "New Label Format" name:
      "brpapertoollpr_td4550dnwb -P TD-4550DNWB -d Paper_Name"  [Enter]

      Enter the Width and Height/Length in mm.

      Superuser authorization is required.

  2. Select the new media size from "Set Printer Options" in "http://localhost:631/printers".

  3. Try a test print from "Print Test Page".

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