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Date: 25/04/2018 ID: faqp00001073_010

How do I insert/change the paper or label roll?

For best performance, use genuine Brother RD rolls.

  1. Push the roll cover release lever to open the roll compartment cover.

    Open the cover
    1 Roll cover release lever

  2. Slide both roll guides outwards.
    Roll guides

  3. Insert the roll.
    Insert the roll
    1 Print surface (faces outwards on the roll)

  4. Close the roll compartment cover until it locks.
    Close the cover
  • When using die-cut label, set the paper type to [Die-cut Label], and press the Feed button (Feed) / OK button after inserting the roll. The printer will feed the label to the top of form position.
  • To remove the roll, reverse the installation procedure.
  • Make sure inserted rolls turn correctly.

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