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Date: 20/09/2018 ID: faq00000209_022

The message "ERROR" or "NG" appears on the Transmission Verification Report when I try to send a fax.

  • There is probably temporary noise or static on the line. Try sending the fax again.
    If you are sending a PC-Fax message and get RESULT:NG or ERROR on the Transmission Verification Report, your machine may be out of memory. To free up extra memory, you can turn off Fax Storage, print fax messages in memory or cancel a delayed fax. If the issue continues, ask the telephone company to check your telephone line.
  • (Available only for some countries.)
    If you connect your machine to a PBX or ISDN line, set the menu setting of Telephone Line Type to your telephone line type.
  • If you often get transmission errors due to possible interference on the telephone line or if you are using a VoIP system, try changing the Compatibility setting to Basic(for VoIP).

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