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Date: 17/10/2018 ID: faqp00100360_000

What is BRAgent?

BRAdmin Professional 3.x and Agents

BRAdmin Professional 3.x is able to collect information regarding network-connected printer / multi-function devices operationg over a Local Area Network (LAN).

In order to collect information from outside a LAN and operate in a Wide Area Network (WAN) environment, BRAdmin Professional 3.x needs to communicate with Agents (BRAgent software) that run on remote computers. These Agents collect device information from their LAN and on a regular basis pass it on to BRAdmin Professional 3.x. BRAdmin Professional 3.x then displays this information for reference and configuration.


If the PC running the Agent software is powered off, BRAdmin Professional 3.x will not be able to collect the remote device information from the Agent. For this reason, we recommend that the Agent software is installed on a PC or server that will never be powered off.



Changing Agent settings

Agent settings can be changed in Windows Control panel. Here you can change such settings as the IP address of the machine running BRAdmin Professional 3.x or the port number used to communicate between them.



Using Agents to discover devices

After the Agent software is installed and running, you must configure BRAdmin Professional 3.x to contact the PC running the Agent software. To do this follow these steps:


For BRAdmin Professional 3.x Users:

If you use BRAdmin Professional 2.x, please upgrade to BRAdmin Professional 3.x.

  1. Start the BRAdmin Professional 3.x utility.
  2. Click Tools from the toolbar and select Discovery Settings.
  3. Open the Agent tab and click the Add button.
  4. Enter the IP address of BRAgent and click the OK button.
  5. Check that the IP address of BRAgent and the status are shown in the Agent Broadcast area. If the status shows "Connection Error", check that the PC is running and also check the IP address of BRAgent and re-enter it.
  6. Open the General tab and check the Agent Broadcast in the Discovery Method area.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. BRAdmin Professional 3.x is now configured to communicate with the Agent PC. To force an immediate communication between the BRAdmin Professional 3.x and the Agent, click the Search Network button from the main screen.

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