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Date: 26/10/2020 ID: faqp00100028_000

What is BRAdmin Professional? (for Windows only)

BRAdmin Professional allows you to easily configure and check the status of your network-enabled printers, and to transfer the template to the printer via a network.

Features of BRAdmin Professional


  1. Protocol support
    BRAdmin Professional will run on a PC that has the IPX/SPX protocol or the TCP/IP protocol. If you use the IPX/SPX protocol you do not require a Netware file server. (However, if you want to configure a Brother print server for a Novell Network, then a Netware file server must be available.)

  2. SNMP management
    BRAdmin Professional can be used to monitor the status of other SNMP-compliant printers.

  3. Create printer groups
    Create groups of printers based on model name, network address etc.

  4. Web page launch
    Many printers have internal web servers, which enables administrators to view the configuration of a printer and print server using a web browser. For those printers that have this capability, BRAdmin Professional can be used to launch a web browser and automatically display device information.

  5. Automatic refresh
    BRAdmin Professional can automatically refresh the device status. The user can configure the refresh interval.

  6. Save device settings
    Printer configuration details can be saved to file. They can then be transmitted to other devices, of the same model.

  7. Easy print server updates
    It is possible to upgrade Brother print servers from one application no matter which protocol (IPX/SPX or TCP/IP) you are using.

  8. Use the log capability to save printer information to a file. This file can then be analyzed to see how the Brother printers are being used in a network.

BRAdmin Professional can be downloaded from the [Downloads] section of this website.

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