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SuperGalaxie 3000/3100D

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Date: 12/12/2018 ID: faqh00000017_002

How do I sew hook-and-loop fasteners(hook-and-loop tapes)?



  • Use only the ungummed hook-and-loop fastener which is for sewing. If the glue is attached to the needle or the bobbin hook race, it may cause malfunction.
  • If the hook-and-loop is sewn with the thin needle (65/9-75/11), the needle may bend or break.
  • Before start sewing, baste together the fabric and the hook-and-loop fastener.




Make sure that the needle passes through the hookand-loop fastener by turning the handwheel and lower the needle into the hook-and-loop fastener before sewing. And then, sew the edge of the hookand-loop fastener at a slow speed.
If the needle does not pass through the hook-andloop fastener, replace the needle with the needle for thick fabrics.

hook-and-loop fastener 1 Edge of the hook-and-loop fastener

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