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Innov-is NV180

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Date: 21/07/2017 ID: faqh00000637_006

How do I attach or remove the Embroidery Unit?

Attaching the Embroidery unit

  • Before attaching the embroidery unit, be sure to turn off the machine. Otherwise, injuries may occur if one of the operation buttons is accidentally pressed and the machine starts embroidering.
  • Do not move the machine with the embroidery unit in place. The embroidery unit may be dropped and cause injury.
  • Do not touch the connector in the embroidery unit connector slot. The connector could be damaged, and it may cause malfunctions.
  • Do not lift up on the embroidery carriage, and do not forcefully move it. It may cause malfunctions.



  1. Turn off the machine.

  2. Pull the flat bed attachment off to the left.

  3. Insert the embroidery unit connector into the connection port, and then lightly push in the embroidery unit until it snaps into place.
    img04 (1) Connection port
    (2) Embroidery unit connector
    (3) Carriage
    • Make sure that there is no gap between the embroidery unit and the machine, otherwise the embroidery pattern may not be embroidered correctly. Be sure to fully insert the connector into the connection port.
    • Do not push on the carriage when attaching the embroidery unit to the machine, otherwise damage to the embroidery unit may result.


  4. Turn on the machine.
    >> A message appears in the screen.

    If the opening screen appears, touch the screen for the following message to appear.


  5. Be sure that no objects or hands are near the embroidery unit and press img06 .

    >> The carriage moves to its initial position.
    img08 (1) Carriage
    Keep your hands and other objects away from the embroidery carriage and frame when they are moving. Otherwise injury may result.
    Utility stitches cannot be selected when the embroidery unit is attached.

    >> The screen for selecting the embroidery pattern type is displayed.



Removing the embroidery unit

Make sure that the machine is completely stopped and follow the instructions below.


  1. Remove the embroidery frame.
    For details on removing the embroidery frame, refer to “How do I attach or remove the embroidery frame ? ”.

  2. Press img10  , and then press img11 .

    >> The embroidery carriage moves into a position where it can be stored.
    Keep your hands and other objects away from the embroidery carriage and frame when they are moving. Otherwise injury may result.

  3. Turn off the machine.

    Always turn off the machine before removing the embroidery unit. It may cause malfunctions if removed when the machine is turned on.

  4. Hold the release button on the bottom left of the embroidery unit, and slowly pull the embroidery unit to the left.


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