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Innov-is NV180

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Date: 13/04/2018 ID: faqh00101027_000

Outline of viewing and functions for keys on the utility stitch screen and the decorative stitch screen


Press a key with your finger to select the stitch pattern, to select a machine function, or to select an operation indicated on the key. The screen below appears when you press img01 on the operation panel.


img02 img03 img04

(A) Utility stitch

(B) Character/Decorative stitch


■Utility stitch screen   ■Utility stitch editing screen
img05 img06 img07
■Character/Decorative stitch screen  

■Character/Decorative stitch editing

img08 img09 img10


Some editing functions cannot be used with certain stitch patterns.
Only the functions for the displayed keys are available when a stitch pattern is selected.


No. Display Key Name Explanation
(1) Stitches Press the key for the stitch you want to sew.
(2) img11 Stitch pattern display size Shows the approximate size of the stitch pattern selected.
  • 100% : Nearly the same size as the sewn stitch pattern
  • 50% : 1/2 the size of the sewn stitch pattern
  • 25% : 1/4 the size of the sewn stitch pattern
(3) Stitch preview Shows a preview of the selected stitch.
(4) img12 Presser foot

Shows presser foot to be used. Before sewing, install the presser foot indicated here.

img13 Zigzag foot “J” img14 Blind stitch foot “R”
img15 Monogramming foot “N” img16 Button fitting foot “M”
img17 Overcasting foot “G” img18 Side cutter “S”
img19 Buttonhole foot “A”  

* The symbols for certain presser feet, such as zipper foot “I” and the quilting foot, may not appear in the screen.

(5) img20 Needle position setting

Shows single or twin needle mode setting, and the needle stop position.

img21 : Single needle/down position img22 : Twin needle/down position
img23 : Single needle/up position img24 : Twin needle/up position
(6) img25 Stitch width Shows the stitch width of the currently selected stitch pattern.
(7) img26 Stitch length Shows the stitch length of the currently selected stitch pattern.
(8) img27 L/R Shift Shows the tendency of left/right of the center line for the original zigzag stitch.
(9) img28 Manual adjustment key Press this key to display the adjustment screen of the stitch width, stitch length and “L/R Shift”.
(10) img29 Page display Shows additional pages that can be displayed.
(11) img30 Edit/stitch switching key Press this key to toggle between the stitch editing screen and the stitch screen.
(12) img31 Image key Shows a preview of the sewn image. Press img32 to change the thread color in the image to red, blue, or black.
(13) img33 Memory key Press this key to save combined stitch patterns.
(14) img34 Automatic thread cutting
Press this key to set the automatic thread cutting function.
(15) img35 Automatic reverse/
reinforcement key
Press this key to use the automatic reverse/reinforcement stitch function.
(16) img36 Single/repeat sewing key Press this key to choose single stitch pattern or continuous stitch patterns. Depending on the selected stitch, this key may be disabled. To finish a complete motif while sewing the stitch pattern continuously, you can press this key while sewing. The machine will automatically stop when the motif is finished.
(17) img37 Back to beginning key When sewing is stopped, press this key to return to the beginning of the stitch pattern.
(18) img38 Mirror image key After selecting the stitch pattern, use this key to create a horizontal mirror image of the stitch pattern.
(19) img39 Size selection key Use this key to select the size of the character stitch (large, small).
(20) Some of the following keys will appear, depending on the selected stitch pattern.
img40 Elongation key When satin stitch patterns img41 are selected, press this key to choose from 5 automatic length settings, without changing the stitch zigzag width or stitch length settings.


img43 Thread density key After selecting the decorative satin stitch pattern img44 , use this key to change the thread density of the stitch pattern.

img45 : Low density    img46 : High density

If the stitches bunch when thread density is changed to img47 , return the thread density to img48 . If you continue sewing when the stitches are bunched, the needle may bend or break.
img49 Character spacing key Press this key to change the spacing of character stitch patterns.
Spacing changes are valid not only while entering characters but also before and after the entering of characters.
(21) img50 Delete key Press this key to delete the selected stitch pattern. When you make a mistake in combining stitch patterns, use this key to delete stitch patterns.


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