Image skewed

Print Quality Problem - Image skewed


Check the following points to resolve the issue:


  • Set the document correctly in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or on the scanner glass if the skew only occurs when making copies.
  • Make sure the paper or other print media is loaded correctly in the paper tray and the guides are not too tight or too loose against the paper stack.
  • Set the paper guides correctly.
  • The paper tray may be too full.
  • Check the paper type and quality.
    > Click here to see what kind of paper you can use.
  • Check for loose objects such as torn paper inside the machine.
  • (For automatic 2-sided printing models)
    If the issue only occurs during automatic 2-sided printing, check for torn paper in the 2-sided tray. Verify the 2-sided tray is inserted completely and the back cover is closed completely.