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Universal Print Support Statement (Windows)


The Universal Print solution is offered on select Brother devices to help users manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft.

These Brother printers are Universal Print ready with Universal Print compatible firmware, which provides native support to Universal Print.

Make sure your Brother machine uses the latest firmware. Please check Microsoft the latest availability of Universal Print in your region.

Product Support List

Monochrome Laser Printer Color Printer (Laser / LED) Monochrome Laser Fax / MFC / DCP Color Fax / MFC / DCP (Laser / LED)

Monochrome Laser Printer

Product NameDownload & Information
HL-EX415DW Available
Product NameDownload & Information
HL-L5210DN Available
HL-L5210DW(T) Available
HL-L5215DW Available
HL-L6210DW(T) Available
HL-L6217DW Available
HL-L6310DW Available
HL-L6415DW(T) Available

Color Printer (Laser / LED)

Product NameDownload & Information
HL-EX470W Available
Product NameDownload & Information
HL-L3280CDW Available
HL-L8245CDW Available
HL-L8260CDW Available
HL-L8360CDW(T) Available
HL-L9310CDW Available
HL-L9410CDN Available
HL-L9430CDN Available
HL-L9470CDN Available

Monochrome Laser Fax / MFC / DCP

Product NameDownload & Information
DCP-L5500DN Available
DCP-L5510DN Available
DCP-L5600DN Available
DCP-L5650DN Available
Product NameDownload & Information
MFC-EX915DW Available
Product NameDownload & Information
MFC-L5700DW Available
MFC-L5705DW Available
MFC-L5710DN Available
MFC-L5710DW Available
MFC-L5715DW Available
MFC-L5717DW Available
MFC-L5800DW Available
MFC-L5850DW Available
MFC-L5900DW Available
MFC-L5915DW Available
MFC-L6700DW Available
MFC-L6750DW Available
MFC-L6800DW Available
MFC-L6810DW Available
MFC-L6900DW Available
MFC-L6915DW Available

Color Fax / MFC / DCP (Laser / LED)

Product NameDownload & Information
MFC-EX670W Available
Product NameDownload & Information
MFC-L3720CDW Available
MFC-L3765CDW Available
MFC-L3780CDW Available
MFC-L8395CDW Available
MFC-L8610CDW Available
MFC-L8895CDW Available
MFC-L8900CDW Available
MFC-L8905CDW Available
MFC-L9570CDW Available
MFC-L9610CDN Available
MFC-L9630CDN Available
MFC-L9670CDN Available