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Microsoft® Windows 11 Support Statement (Document Scanner)


This page provides information about the compatibility of Brother products with Microsoft® Windows 11.

Brother original driver/software

We are currently checking the compatibility of Brother product with Windows 11. For more information, see the Product Support List below. We update this list regularly.

Presto!® PageManager®, Presto! ImageFolio, PaperPort™, BookScan&WhiteBoard Suite

We are currently checking the compatibility of Presto!® PageManager®, Presto! ImageFolio, PaperPort™ and BookScan&WhiteBoard Suite with Windows 11.

Product Support List

Document Scanner

Document Scanner

Product NameDownload & Information
ADS-1200 Checking
ADS-1250W Checking
ADS-1700W Checking
ADS-2200 Checking
ADS-2400N Checking
ADS-2700W Checking
ADS-2800W Checking
ADS-3000N Checking
ADS-3600W Checking
Product NameDownload & Information
DS-640 Checking
DS-740D Checking
DS-940DW Checking