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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Configure a cover page for PC-FAX.

The Brother PC-FAX feature allows you to use your PC to send any application or document file as a standard fax. You can create a file in any application on your PC, and then send it as a PC-FAX. You can also setup a cover page that can be sent along with your PC-FAX.

  1. Click File => Print from the application containing the document you wish to send by PC-FAX. Choose Brother PC-FAX as the printer and click OK or Print depending on the application.

  2. Place a check in the box for Add Cover Page.

    Add cover page

  3. To configure the Cover Page settings, click the Cover Page Setup icon Cover page icon.
    The Brother PC-FAX Cover Page Setup dialog box will appear.


  4. Enter the appropriate cover page information in the fields provided.

    If you are sending a fax to more than one recipient, the recipient information will not be printed on the cover page.

    • To
      Choose the recipient information you want to add to the cover page.
    • From
      Choose the sender information you want to add to the cover page.
    • Comment
      Enter the comment you want to add to the cover page.
    • Form
      Choose the cover page format you want to use.
    • Cover page title
      If you choose Custom, you can put a bitmap file, such as your company logo, on the cover page.
      Use the Browse button to choose the BMP file, and then choose the alignment style.
    • Count cover page
      Check Count cover page to include the cover page in the page numbering.

  5. Click Preview to preview a copy of your Cover Page. Once you are finished, click Back To Menu to return to the PC-FAX Cover Page Setup dialog box.

  6. Click OK when you are finished editing your Cover Page to return to the PC-FAX dialog box.
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