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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I use Mopria™ Print Service (MPS) with my Brother machine?



What is Mopria™?

Mopria™ technology is a set of standards that enable users to print from or scan to a mobile device using printers of different manufacturers or brands, without needing to install any additional software or drivers.
Mopria™ Print Service (MPS) provides a "universal print driver" that converts the data you’re printing to the appropriate file type required by your printer.
Mopria™ Scan allows you to scan documents from your scanner or multi-function printer directly to your Android™ mobile device.

How do I use Mopria™ Print Service?
Click here for more information on using MPS.

Click here to download MPS Instructions from the Mopria Alliance™.
Click here to see MPS FAQs.


How do I use Mopria™ Scan?
Click here to view Mopria™ Scan information and Mopria™ Scan instructions from the Mopria Alliance™.
Click here to view Mopria™ Scan FAQs.

Compatible operating systems
Google’s Android operating system (4.4 or later)

Certified Brother products

To see if your Brother machine is Mopria™ Certified:

  1. Go to the Mopria™ Certified Product page.
  2. In the Manufacturer field, select “Brother Industries, Ltd”.
  3. In the Product Type field, select “Printers & MFPs”.
  4. Start typing your machine’s model name. If it appears in the drop-down list, it is Mopria™ Certified.

To view a list of all Brother products that are Mopria™ certified, click here, and then click the Brother logo.


Mopria Alliance™ official site
For more information on MPS and Mopria™ Scan, visit

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