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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Download a file from the "Downloads" section and save it to Windows 10 computer.

The download process varies depending your browser. Follow the steps below to download a file.


  1. When the End-User License Agreement for Brother Software page appears, read the description first. Click Agree to the EULA and Download.



  2. (Microsoft Edge)

    (Internet Explorer® 11)

    (Google Chrome™)



    Microsoft Edge


    1. Click Save.




    2. After the download has completed, click x.




    Internet Explorer® 11


    1. Click Save.




    2. After the download has completed, click x.




    Google Chrome™


    1. Downloads will start automatically.




    2. After the download has completed, click x.






    1. Click Save File.



    2. After the download has completed, go to STEP 3.


  3. The downloaded files will be saved in the Downloads folder by default.


    1. Click File Explorer.




    2. Open the Downloads folder in Quick access.




    3. Follow the Installation procedure and run the downloaded file.
      • Make sure your Brother machine is turned on.
      • Make sure your Brother machine's screen or LED indicates no errors.
      • You must log on with Administrator rights.
      • If the Windows Security dialog box appears, check Always trust software from "Brother Industries, ltd." and click Install.
      • When the installation dialog instructs you to restart your computer to apply changes, DO NOT restart your computer. Continue the installation until the installation has finished. When the installation has finished, restart your computer.
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