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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Print from a computer using Print Profiles.

Print Profiles allow you to select from a range of pre-defined and user customizable print settings, helping you to save the time and effort of having to manually change them yourself every time you want to print.

NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and operating system, and may differ from your Brother machine and operating system.

  1. Within the application you wish to print from select the print option.

  2. Click PROPERTIES to open the Printing Preferences window.
    Note: The steps may vary depending on your application.

  3. On the Print Profiles Tab, select the desired Print Profile from the list and then click OK.

    Printing Preferences

    The default Profiles are as follows:
    Note: The available options may vary depending on your model.

    • General Print
      Suitable for general, everyday printing using standard paper.

    • Paper Save Print
      Suitable for printing presentations and rough copies of your documents. Automatic Duplex devices - The driver will combine 8 pages to every piece of paper (4 on each side). Non-Automatic Duplex devices will combine 4 pages to a single sheet of paper.

    • Toner Save Print
      Ideal for less important documents that do not require a professional finish. Printouts will appear fainter than in any other profile but will use less Toner.

    • Two Sided (Duplex) Print
      Automatic Duplex devices - The driver will automatically print on both sides of the paper. Non-Automatic Duplex devices will require you to manually reverse the paper. On-screen instructions will guide you through this step.
      Note: The items displayed differ depending on your model.

    • Booklet Print
      Print as a half size booklet by printing 4 pages to every piece of paper (2 pages per side) and folding it in the middle.

    • User Defined
      Available for you to store your own frequently used print settings.

  4. Once you are in the Print Dialog box for your application, click OK or Print (depending on your application). The document will print using the settings from the selected Print Profile.

  1. Open Printing Preferences. (Click here to see the details of how to open Printing Preferences.)

  2. Make any desired print adjustments on the Basic and Advanced Tab and then click Apply.

  3. Click on the Print Profiles Tab.

  4. Click Edit a Profile. This will allow you to save your current print settings to a profile for easy selection later.

    Edit a Profile

    1. Give your edited profile a name and choose an icon.
    2. Choose a profile to overwrite with your new print settings.
    3. Click OK twice.

    The following settings cannot be saved to a Print Profile:

    • Copies
    • Orientation
    • Secure Print (Applicable models)
    • Administrator
    • User Authentication (Applicable models)
  5. If you want to restore all Print Profiles back to how they were when you first installed the driver, click Restore default profiles. This will delete all your custom settings or any changes you made to the pre-defined ones.

  6. If you want the Print Profiles tab to always appear first when you enter the printer driver, place a check in Always show Print Profiles tab first.

  7. Click Apply => OK.
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