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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I clear the message "INK EMPTY" from the display?

Brother strongly recommends that customers do not use generic ink or refill their Brother ink cartridges. Using non-Brother supplies may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability since the ink formulation in genuine Brother ink cartridges prevents smearing and clogging of the print head. The Brother limited warranty does not apply to any problem that was caused by the use of unauthorized third party ink and/or cartridges.

The message INK EMPTY will appear if one or more of the ink cartridges are empty. To clear the message, you need to replace the empty cartridge(s)


If you have already changed your ink cartridge and "INK EMPTY" continues to appear on the LCD, click here for more information.



While "INK EMPTY" appears on the LCD, the machine will stop all print operations (such as printing copies, faxes and jobs from the computer).


<For MFC/FAX Users>
If memory is available, black and white faxes will be received into memory. If a color fax is being received, the Brother machine's "handshake" will request the fax be sent as black and white. If the sending machine has the ability to convert it, the color fax will be received into memory as a black and white fax. All faxes received into memory will automatically print once the ink cartridge is replaced. Click here for instructions on how to replace the ink cartridge(s).


To maintain the highest print quality, the unit periodically cleans the print head.
You can also clean the print head when needed by doing one of the following:


Press the Ink or Ink Management key and then select Cleaning.


Press the Menu key and then select Ink Management, Cleaning.

These cleaning processes do consume an amount of ink.

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