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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What are the unsuitable types of paper to use on this printer?

Avoid using the following paper types as they can cause paper jams or damage the printer.

  • Transparency sheets other than those recommended.
  • Inkjet paper
  • Paper that is too thick or too thin
  • Paper with a face preprinted with another printer or copier, or paper preprinted with ink
  • Folded, creased, or torn paper
  • Damp or wet paper
  • Curled or warped paper
  • Sheets affected by static electricity
  • Layered or adhesive paper
  • Specially coated paper
  • Colored paper with a treated surface
  • Paper printed with ink that cannot withstand temperatures of 155°C (311°F).
  • Heat-sensitive paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Paper with a rough surface such as textured or fiber form paper
  • Acidic paper that can cause the characters to fade over time. Use neutral paper.
  • Envelopes with a rough surface or clips attached
  • Paper with staples, paper clips, tape, or ribbons attached
  • Envelopes with sticky adhesive
  • Label sheets where the backing is visible or is precut.
  • T-shirt transfer paper (Heat press use)
  • Transfer paper (cold water use)
  • Digital coated glossy paper
  • Label film (transparent, colorless)
  • Perforated paper
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