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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Adjusting the thread tension dials

There is a thread tension dial for each needle thread, the lower looper thread and the upper looper thread.
The correct thread tension may vary according to the type and thickness of the fabric and the type of thread used.
Thread tension adjustments may be necessary for any change in sewing materials.


Thread tension dial for each needle thread

1   Yellow marked tension disc is for left needle.

2   Green marked tension disc is for right needle.

3   Pink marked tension disc is for upper looper.

4   Blue marked tension disc is for lower looper.



Tension control

Sewing is possible at position "4" for most circumstances. (Standard: SPAN 60/3Z)
If the stitch quality is insufficient, select a different tension setting.


Tension control

< A > Tension selection mark

5   For heavy tension: 4 to 7

6   For light tension: 4 to 2

7   For medium tension: 5 to 3


If you cannot find the correct tension, refer to the charts on following pages.


Make sure that the thread is properly seated in the tension discs.



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