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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I install the bobbin wound with thread? (For models equipped with a quick-set bobbin)

Before inserting or changing the bobbin, be sure to turn off the machine, otherwise injuries may occur if the foot controller is accidentally pressed and the machine starts sewing.

  • Be sure to use the included bobbins (part code: SA156, SFB: XA5539-151) or the same type.
    SA156 is Class 15 type bobbin.
    img01 (1) 11.5 mm (7/16 inch)
  • Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. If you do not cut the thread completely and the bobbin is wound, when the thread runs low, it may tangle around the bobbin and cause the needle to break.
  • Not winding the bobbin properly may cause the thread tension to loosen, and may break the needle.
    img02 (1) Wound evenly
    (2) Wound poorly
  1. Turn off the machine.

  2. Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise).

  3. Raise the presser foot lever.


  4. Open the bobbin cover.


  5. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case so that the thread unwinds to the left.
    img07 (1) Bobbin case

    For the correct winding direction of the bobbin thread, be sure to place the bobbin into the bobbin case in the same orientation that it was on the bobbin winder shaft.


  6. Hold the end of the thread, push the bobbin down with your finger, and then pass the thread through the slit, as shown.


  7. While lightly holding down the bobbin with your right hand, continue guiding the thread through the slit with your left hand. Then, cut the thread with the cutter.
    img10 (1) Slit for the quick set bobbin
    (2) Cutter
  8. Reattach the bobbin cover.


You can begin sewing without drawing up the bobbin thread.

If you wish to pull up the bobbin thread before starting to sew, pull up the thread according to the procedure in "How do I draw up the lower thread by hand?".

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