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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I clean the corona wire?

Follow the procedure below to clean the corona wire.

Do NOT use flammable substances or any type of spray to clean the inside or outside of the machine. Doing this may cause a fire or electrical shock.

  1. Open the front cover and pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.

  2. Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the blue tab from right to left several times.

  3. Return the blue tab and snap it into the Home position.

    If you do not return the blue tab to the Home position, your printed pages may have vertical black stripes on them.

  4. Reinstall the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly in the machine.

  5. Close the front cover.


If the message like "Drum Error" or "Dust on Drum" continues to appear on the LCD after cleaning the corona wire, try cleaning the metal contacts with a dry lint-free soft cloth.



If the problem continues, please contact Brother Customer Service from "Contact Us".
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