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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Your Scanner Cannot Be Detected on the Network During Installation

Cause Action
Your computer is not connected to the network.

Make sure your computer is connected to a network, for example, a Wireless LAN environment or has Internet access. For further support, contact your network administrator.

Your machine is not connected to the network.

  • ADS-1250W

    If the Wi-Fi light on the Control Panel does not light up, the LEDs will indicate an error status. Make a note of the error status and then correct the error.

    See Related Information:Error and Maintenance Indications.

  • ADS-1700W

    Press image Settings > Network > WLAN > WLAN Status > Status. If the LCD displays Connection Failed, ask your network administrator whether your IP address is valid or not.

You use security software.
  • In the installer dialog box, search for the Brother machine again.
  • Allow access when the alert message of the security software appears during the Brother Device installation.
  • The following port numbers are used for Brother network features:
    • Network scanning, Remote Setup

      Port number 5566/Protocol TCP

    • Network scanning (Brother iPrint&Scan)

      Port number 54921/Protocol TCP

    • BRAdmin Light

      Port number 161/Protocol UDP

  • For more information about security software, see Related Information: Your Brother Machine Cannot Scan over the Network .
You use a Wi-Fi router.

The privacy separator on your Wi-Fi router may be enabled. Disable the privacy separator.

Your Brother machine is placed too far from the Wireless access point/router. Place your Brother machine within about 3.3 feet (1 meter) of the Wireless access point/router when you configure the wireless network settings.
There are some obstructions (walls or furniture, for example) between your machine and the Wireless access point/router. Move your Brother machine to an obstruction-free area, or closer to the Wireless access point/router.
There is a wireless computer, Bluetooth-supported device, microwave oven, or digital cordless phone near the Brother machine or the Wireless access point/router. Move all the devices away from the Brother machine or Wireless access point/router.
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