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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I add the Staples?

When the message "Add Staples" appears on the Control panel, the staples have run out.

Follows these steps to add a new staple refill.


After adding the Staple refill, Staples might not be ejected for the first few times.

  1. Open the Rear cover of the Finisher.


  2. Remove the empty cartridge.


  3. Remove the empty refill case as shown in the illustration.


  4. Align the arrows on the new refill case and the cartridge, and push the new refill case in until it clicks.


    Do not remove the ribbon securing the staples before installing the cartridge.

  5. Pull out the ribbon securing the Staples.


  6. Reinstall the cartridge. It should click into place.


  7. Close the Front cover of the Finisher.
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