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How to add Microsoft Excel text to a Label List (P-touch Editor 5.x for Windows)

To add Microsoft Excel data to a Label List, the Label List has to be set to record the data.

If it is NOT set, please take the steps below:


  1. Click [Tools] - [Options...] in the edit screen.
  2. Click the [Label List] tab.
  3. Check the "Automatically Record Data Imported With Add-In" check box ON.
  1. Start Excel, and then open the document containing the data to be imported.
  2. Select the cells to be imported.
  3. Click the "Brother P-touch" button  on the [Add-in] tab of the Ribbon. 

The imported data will be registered in the Label List as follows:

Label Data


Date Created "Date" field
First line of the highlighted information "Title" field
All highlighted information "Body" field
Text set to be imported into the "Code" field "Code" field
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