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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How to sew reverse stitches or reinforcement stitches

Reverse/reinforcement stitches are generally necessary at the beginning and end of sewing.

Depending on the selected stitch, reverse or reinforcement stitches are sewn while img01 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) is pressed continuously.

img02 (1) img03 Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button


  • When any of the following stitches (reverse stitch patterns) is selected, pressing img04 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) will sew reverse stitches.
    With reverse stitches, the stitching is sewn in the opposite direction.
    Stitch Stitch name
    img05 Straight stitch (Left)
    img06 Straight stitch (Middle)
    img07 Zigzag stitch


  • When any other stitch is selected, pressing img08 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) will sew reinforcement stitches.
    With reinforcement stitches, 3 to 5 stitches are sewn at the same place.
    img09 (1) Reverse stitch
    (2) Reinforcement stitch
  • The stitch number varies depending on the models.
  • For details on information about reverse stitches and reinforcement stitches, refer to "Stitch Chart".
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