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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

My FAX/MFC will not Dial. Why?

  1. Verify that the unit has no error message on the LCD.

    1. If the LCD displays an error message, refer to "FAQs & Troubleshooting" for information on the error message you are receiving.

    2. If the LCD shows Telephone, any key pressed will not respond. Please hang up the handset of the external telephone. If the LCD continues to show Telephone, lift the handsetof the external telephone and then press and release the actuator button (telephone hang-up button) on the handset holder. The display should alternate between the date and time and "telephone". If the button does not operate (the display does not change or the button remains down) click here to contact the appropriate Customer Service Center.

    3. If the LCD is blank, first verify that the power cord is connected. If the power cord is connected to a surge protector or power switch, remove the cord from the device and connect it directly to the outlet. If the display is still blank, try a different known working electrical outlet. If the display still remains blank, your machine may require service.

  2. Check for splitters, commshare devices etc. If connected to a splitter or a commshare device, remove any of these devices from the phone line.

  3. Verify that the wall jack has a dial tone. Connect a regular telephone directly to the wall jack. Lift the handset of the telephone and listen for a dial tone. If there is a dial tone, continue to STEP 4. If there is no dial tone from the wall jack, the problem is with the wall jack or the line and you need to contact your local telephone company for service.

  4. Verify that the machine has a dial tone by disconnecting the telephone line from the telephone and connecting it to the jack on the machine labeled LINE. Pick up the handset of the external telephone or press the Hook key and listen for a dial tone.

    If there is dial tone, continue to STEP 5.
    If there is no dial tone, your machine may require service. Click here to contact the appropriate Customer Service Center.

  5. Lift the external telephone handset or press the Hook key and dial the fax number. Wait to hear fax receiving tones before pressing Fax Start.

  6. If you are having problems sending a fax to a particular number, verify that the number is a working fax number. You can call the number by picking up the handset of the external telephone or by pressing the Hook key and verify that the number answers with fax tones.

  7. (For some countries)
    Check for a dial tone. Change TONE/PULSE setting following the instructions listed below:

    1. Press the Menu key.
    2. Press the right or left arrow key until GENERAL SETUP appears on the LCD. Press Set key.
    3. Press the right or left arrow key until TONE/PULSE appears and then press Set key.
    4. Press the right or left arrow key until your selection appears (TONE or PULSE) and then press Set key.
    5. Press Stop/Exit.
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