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Innov-is A80

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

For better results when sewing stretch fabrics

To achieve better results when sewing your project with stretch fabrics, refer to the following tips.

  • To avoid skipped stitches, use a needle for knits (Ball point needle (gold colored)). when sewing on stretch fabrics.
  • Using a stretch stitch is recommended.
    No. Stitch Stitch name
    05 img01 Triple stretch stitch
    06 img02 Stem stitch
    10 img03 3 steps elastic zigzag stitch


  • First, baste the pieces of fabric together, and then sew without stretching the fabric.


    (1) Basting


  • If the stitching is misaligned, place non-woven water soluble stabilizer under the fabric and sew them together.


    (2) Water soluble stabilizer (non-woven) or thin paper

Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions when using water soluble stabilizer. It may not be compatible with some fabrics.

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