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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Where can I find the IP addresses of my computer and the printer?

Follow the steps below to check the IP addresses of your computer and printer.


How to check the IP address of your computer

 For Windows

 For Mac


For Windows:


  1. From the [Start] menu, open the [Control Panel].

    (Windows 10)
    Click (Start) - [Windows System Tool] - [Control Panel].

  2. Click [Network and Internet] - [Network and Sharing Center] - [Change Adapter Settings].
    (The screenshots may differ depending on your Windows version.)
    Click Change Adapter Settings

  3. Click the Local Area Connection (wired) or Wireless Network Connection (wireless), and then click [Details] in the displayed dialog box.
    Click Details
  4. Check the IP address and the subnet mask.
    The IP address may be described as "IPv4".
    Check IP Address


For Mac:


  1. Click the Apple Menu and select [System Preferences...].
    Click Apple Menu and select System Preferences

  2. Click [Network].
    Click Network

  3. Click [Advanced].
    Click Advanced

  4. Click [TCP/IP] and check the [IPv4 Address] and [Subnet Mask].
    Check IP Address

    Make sure that the Subnet Mask is "".
    If your Subnet Mask is different, please consult a network administrator to solve the problem. (This FAQ is not applicable for your network environment.)


How to check the IP address of your printer


You can confirm the IP address in two ways:
Checking the Communication settings in the Printer Setting Tool or printing out a printer configuration report from your printer.


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