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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I configured the "IP Config" method of the machine to "Auto" to assign an IP address automatically, however it was changed to "Static" unexpectedly. I get an error message that indicates that the IP address is not unique, or a document is printed out on a different machine.

When wireless network connection is unstable and the APIPA protocol is enabled, you might experience this difficulty.

Please follow these steps below to set the BOOT method back to AUTO and disable the APIPA protocol.

  1. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in.
  2. Turn on the printer and wait until the printer is in the Ready state.
  3. Press the + or - button to select LAN or Network, and press OK.
  4. Press + or - button to select WLAN, and press OK.
  5. Press + or - button to select TCP/IP, and press OK.
  6. Press + or - button to select Boot Method, and press OK.
  7. Press + or - button to select Auto, and press OK.
  8. Press + or - button to select APIPA, and press OK.
  9. Press + or - button to select Off, and press OK.
  10. Press Cancel.
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