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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The internal battery will not charge.

  • Is the internal battery hot?
    If the internal battery becomes hot after continuous use or for any other reason, it will not charge even when the AC adapter is plugged in (the external power LED flashes rapidly). Unplug the AC power cord and check the amount of charge on the internal battery LED. After the battery has cooled down, reconnect the power cord to resume charging.

  • Is the AiRScouter being used in an appropriate environment?
    The permissible charge temperature range of the battery is between 10°C / 50°F and 35°C / 95°F (10°C - 33°C for WD-360B / WD-320C).
    The Li-ion battery will not charge at temperatures outside this range. The External power LED will flash rapidly.
  • Is your AiRScouter turned on?
    Turn your AiRScouter off while charging the internal battery.
  • Has the battery been over-discharged?
    If the internal battery is left for a long period of time, it will become over-discharged and will not charge. Replace it with a new one.
    For information about purchasing new batteries, contact your Brother dealer.
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