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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How to install the rechargeable Li-ion battery (optional)

You must attach the battery base (optional: PA-BB-002) to the printer before installing the rechargeable Li-ion battery (optional: PA-BT-4000LI).

  • The voltage supplied by the rechargeable Li-ion battery fluctuates.  The printing speed may also fluctuate depending on the voltage.
  • To safeguard and backup the printer's memory, when the power supply is unplugged it is recommended to leave the Li-ion battery, installed in the printer.
  1. Attaching the battery base

    Before attaching the battery base, you must disconnect the AC adapter from the printer.

    1. Turn the printer over so that the bottom of the printer is facing up.

      Install Li-ion battery 1

    2. Remove the screws, and then remove the connector cover.

      Install Li-ion battery 2

    3. Insert the connector of the battery base into the connector of the printer, and then install the battery base.

      Install Li-ion battery 3

    4. Open the battery cover on the battery base.

      Install Li-ion battery 4

    5. Install the screws included in the battery base package in the locations indicated in the illustration.

      Install Li-ion battery 5

  2. Installing the Li-ion battery

    1. Align the connectors and install the Li-ion battery.

      Install Li-ion battery 6

    2. Close the battery cover.

      Install Li-ion battery 7

    3. Turn the printer over so that the top of the printer is facing up.

      Install Li-ion battery 8


  3. Removing the Li-ion battery

    Press and hold the Power button (Power) button to turn the P-touch off.


    Remove the battery cover and the battery, and then reattach the battery cover.

    If it is difficult to remove the rechargeable battery, turning the printer over with the battery cover removed may allow the rechargeable battery to fall out.

    Be careful that this does not cause any injuries.
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