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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I'm using Windows Vista™. There are two printer icons with the same product name in the "Printers" section.

There will be two printer icons in your Printers section as below.



  • The printer icons "Brother DCP-115C USB" and "Brother HL-5250DN" are the "built-in" drivers (Inbox drivers).  These drivers are pre-installed drivers in the Operating System. By connecting a Brother product to your Windows Vista™ computer, the appropriate printer and scanner drivers (if applicable) are installed automatically without any user-intervention.
  • The other printer icons "Brother DCP-115C USB Printer" and "Brother HL-5250DN series" are the drivers that Brother will provide on the web or on the CD-ROM which is supplied with the product. That driver is called "Brother original driver".


What is the difference? Which driver should I use?

The difference is its functionality.
The "built-in" drivers (Inbox drivers) may not have the full functionality that Brother original drivers will have.
For example, the following is the printer driver properties of the "built-in" printer driver  (Inbox printer driver) of DCP-115C.



The following is the printer driver properties of the DCP-115C Brother original driver that Brother will provide.



If you want to use the Brother original functions like "Watermark" etc, we recommend you use the Brother original drivers.

Click the link below to see if your Brother device has "built-in" drivers (Inbox drivers) or if Brother will develop Brother original drivers.

  • To see which "built-in" drivers (Inbox drivers) and Brother original drivers are available for Europe click here.



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