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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I am using Windows/ Mac OS 8.x-9.x. When I print from Adobe® Illustrator® with PCL printer driver, text and images are jagged.


To solve this problem, do the following.


  1. From the Adobe® Illustrator® application, select File => Print.

  2. Check off Bitmap Printing option.


(Mac OSR 8.x-9.x)

1. Change Resolution.

  1. Open the Print dialog. While pressing the Apple, Control and Option keys at the same time, click the Help button in the dialog. The window below appears.

  2. Change Resolution Capability to 600 dpi and click OK.

  3. Click Apple Menu => Control Panel => Appearance.
  4. Click the Font tab.
  5. Enable the Smooth all fonts on screen option.

2. Change Gray Scale setting.

  1. Check off the Gray Scale setting in the printer dialog.

  2. Set a higher Resolution.


If you experience problems with other applications, please change the Resolution Capability to the original setting and enable the Gray Scale setting.

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