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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I have an occasional printing problem.

Check the following to identify the cause of problem.


  • [Check if there is any router or DHCP server that can assign IP addresses automatically]

    The automatic process may have assigned an IP address to the product with which the network communication cannot be established with the PC.
    Configure IP addresses in the same local environment where the router or server does not exist when installing the product for the first time.

  • [There may be another device assigned with the same IP address, which may be responding to the "ping " command]

    Check the IP address using the "arp -a" command, after sending a "ping" command.
    Check the IP address of the devices on your network. If you find a duplicate IP address, assign a different IP address to one of the devices.

  • [Check if there is any security software function such as a firewall in the server or another network device]

    The security software function may be interrupting network communication with the product. Disable the function to see if the problem continues.
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