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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Upper Threading



  1. Raise the presser foot using the Presser Foot Lever.


  2. Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the balance wheel toward you (counterclockwise).


  3. Place a spool of thread on the horizontal spool pin and press a spool cap onto the spool pin to hold the thread spool firmly in place.

    The thread end should come from the bottom front of the spool.


    • If the thread spool and/or spool cap are set incorrectly, the thread may tangle on the spool pin and cause the needle to break.
    • Use the spool cap (large, medium, or small) that is closest in size to the thread spool.
      If a spool cap smaller than the thread spool is used, the thread may become caught in the slit on the end of the spool and cause the needle to break.

    Be sure to thread the machine properly.

    Improper threading can cause the thread to tangle and break the needle, leading to injury.

  4. Deliver the upper thread as shown in this diagram.


  5. Make sure to guide the thread through the thread take-up lever from the right to the left.


  6. Place thread behind the guide above the needle.


    If the thread take-up lever is lowered, the upper thread can not be wrapped around the thread take-up lever.

    Be sure to raise the Presser Foot Lever and the thread take-up before feeding the upper thread.

    Incorrectly feeding the thread may cause sewing problems.

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