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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Configure and use the Scan Key Tool (Linux)

1. Start and stop the Scan Key Tool

1.1 Start the Scan Key Tool
  • Manually
    In the terminal window, type brscan-skey and then press the Enter key.
  • Automatically
    Add the brscan-skey task to your operating system's autostart list.
1.2 Stop the Scan Key Tool

End the brscan-skey task using the following command:


/brscan-skey -t



2. Configuration (Optional)

2.1 The scanned data destination directory

The scanned data is saved in the "brscan" directory in each user's home directory.


2.2 Set the destination computer name

To set the destination computer name, use:


/brscan-skey -u [computer name]


Set the computer name up to 15 alphanumeric characters.


2.3 Set the password

No password is set by default. To set the password, use:


/brscan-skey -p [password]


Set the password with four numeric characters.


Your new password will be available when you restart brscan-skey.



3. Information for developers

The Scan Key Tool process is described in:




To change the default process settings, edit this file.




 IMAGE="sh /opt/brother/scanner/brscan-skey/script/"
 FILE="sh /opt/brother/scanner/brscan-skey/script/"


Available scan-to features:

  • IMAGE: The Scan to Image feature.
  • OCR:      The Scan to OCR feature.
  • EMAIL: The Scan to Email feature.
  • FILE:   The Scan to File feature.

For more information, see the .sh file you are using (for example:

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