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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I know which receive mode to select?

The receive mode you select for your Brother machine is determined by the devices and features on the same line as your machine. There are different receive modes to select from for this unit.  They are MANUAL, FAX ONLY, FAX/TEL AND MC:MSG CTR (message center).


Fax Only mode is best used when you have your FAX/MFC on a dedicated fax line. In this receive mode, the FAX/MFC automatically answers every call with receiving tones as if it were an incoming fax. If you select Fax Only mode, you cannot receive incoming voice calls on the telephone line your FAX/MFC is connected to, though you can make outgoing calls on the line.

MANUAL mode – In this setting, the Brother machine will not answer incoming calls automatically, unless using the Distinctive Ringing Feature or have a TAD (telephone answering device) connected to the Brother machine. If you are not using the Distinctive Ring Feature or have a TAD connected to the machine you must answer all incoming calls manually and determine whether it is a voice or fax call.  Voice calls are answered in the same manner as a telephone.  If you answer a call by picking up the handset the Brother machine or an external telephone connected to the "EXT" jack on the Fax/MFC and hear fax tones, press the BLACK/START or COLOR/START key.  If you answer a call on an extension phone (connected to a wall jack at your location), press the Fax Receive Code *51 to receive the fax.


You can also turn the Easy Receive feature ON.  When this feature is turned ON you do not have to press the Black Start, Color Start or Fax Receive code (*51) when you answer a fax call. Selecting ON allows the machine to automatically receive faxes after you lift the external or extension telephone. Once the Brother machine answers (you will hear chirps), you then hang up.  If you answer and the incoming call is a voice call requesting to send a fax, press the BLACK/START or COLOR/START key or the Fax Receive Code *51.  Then, the calling party will press their START key to begin the fax transmission.  If you do not answer the incoming call manually, you will not receive the fax.


If you have a TAD (telephone answering device) on the same line, connected to the EXT jack on the Brother machine, your telephone answering device answers every call (unless you answer first). Once the TAD answers, the Brother machine is in the background silently listening for fax tones.  If it detects fax tones, it will go into the receive mode. If it does not hear fax tones, it remains silent and allows the caller to leave a voice message on the answering device.  This setting works with an external telephone-answering device only.  It does not work with telephone company voice mail.


Manual mode is also required when using the Distinctive Ring feature. This feature allows a person with one line to receive fax and voice calls through two different phone numbers on that one line. One number is assigned as the fax line number and the other number is assigned as the voice line number. Each number is then given its own distinctive ring pattern so that the type of incoming call (voice or fax) is identified by its specific ring. By using this function, you and your fax machine are able to determine the type of call coming in on the line.  This enables the Brother machine to answer fax calls automatically. When you program the Distinctive Ring feature the receive mode is automatically set to MANUAL.

Fax/Tel mode is optimal if you receive lots of faxes and few telephone calls. In this receive mode, the FAX/MFC will automatically receive and print incoming faxes. If you receive a voice call, every phone on the same line as the FAX/MFC will ring a designated number of times, after which the FAX/MFC will begin to double-ring to notify you that the incoming call is a voice call.


Only the FAX/MFC will double ring. When using the Fax/Tel mode, you cannot use the telephone company's Voice Mail feature, nor can you have an answering machine on the same line, even if it is on a separate wall telephone jack.


MC: Msg. Ctr. or TAD:Msg Mgr mode is to be used when you record incoming vioce messages and automatically receives faxes. In this receive mode, the FAX/MFC automatically answers every call. Voice messages are stored on the FAX/MFC while fax messages are printed.
When using the MC: Msg. Ctr. or TAD:Msg Mgr mode, these guidelines MUST be followed:

  1. Your message center's (message manager's) outgoing message must be no more than 20 seconds long.

  2. You must end your outgoing message by giving your Fax Receive Code for people sending manual faxes. For example: "After the beep, leave a message or send a fax by pressing *51 and Start."
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