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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

ControlCenter3 displays a blank screen at startup (Windows)

The ControlCenter3 shows nothing


If ControlCenter3 displays a blank screen and you cannot use it, you must run a batch file that resets it back to Classic Mode.


  1. Right-click the CC3 icon in the task tray and click Exit.
  2. Download the batch file.
    > Click here to download the batch file.
  3. Click the downloaded ChangeSkinToClassic.exe file. The file will run in the background.
  4. Go to Start > Brother > Brother Utilities.
  5. In Brother Utilities, click Scan, and then click ControlCenter3.
  6. In the task tray, click the CC3 icon and then click Open.
  • If you enable Modern Mode, you must run the batch file again.
  • If the batch file creates a temporary folder ("BrotherCC3") on your desktop, it can be safely deleted.
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