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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I manually specify or manage the thread colors assigned to each needle bar?

Specifying the manual color sequence

The manual color sequence cannot be changed while operations are being performed in the embroidering screen.

  1. Touch key , and then display page 5 of the settings screen.
  2. Touch [ON] , and then select the manual color sequence.
  3. Touch [OK] in the bottom right corner of the settings screen to close it, and return to the previous screen.
      → The icon for the manual color sequence appears in the screen.


Using the manual color sequence

Manually assign thread colors to all needle bars


  • By specifying the thread colors used with this machine, sewing can continue more efficiently simply by changing the needle bar assignments after a pattern is selected. With the normal method of specifying settings, only a maximum of 9 needle bars can be manually assigned thread colors; however, with the manual color sequence, all 10 needle bars can be assigned thread colors.
    (For details on specifying the settings, refer to "Reserved needle bar and sewing speed settings".)


Needle bar number settings


The needle bar used with each thread color can be specified.

Using the procedure described in "Reserved needle bar and sewing speed settings" , the finished embroidery colors can be checked in the screen if thread colors are assigned to thread spools.

  1. In the embroidering settings screen, touch key .
      → A screen appears, allowing the needle bar numbers to be selected.
  2. From the thread color sequence display, select the thread color whose needle bar is to be changed.
      • If the desired thread color is not displayed, use the scroll bar on the right side to display it.
    (1) Scroll bar
  3. Touch a number button (between [1] and [10]) to select the number of the needle bar whose settings are to be specified.
      → The needle bar number for the thread color selected in step 2 changes to the selected needle bar number.
    If the needle bar number was specified with reserved needle bar settings, the color of the thread spool on the left side changes to the specified thread color, and the pattern in the pattern display area also changes to the color of the specified needle bar.
    (1) Needle bar number specified with reserved needle bar settings
    (2) Needle bar set to a different number (needle bar 5)
    (3) If a color is selected by touching this key, the machine stops before sewing the selected color.


Initializing thread color settings


  • With the manual color sequence, the thread color information on the machine can be initialized each time a new pattern is selected, and then the needle bars can be assigned. This allows the needle bar settings to be specified without being affected by the thread color information from the previous pattern.


Precautions on the manual color sequence

When embroidering a pattern containing 11 or more colors


  • With the manual color sequence, the machine does not monitor the timing for replacing thread spools. Since the machine does not automatically stop and no message indicating that the thread spool be changed appears, as with the normal needle bar settings, follow the procedure described in either "Stopping the machine at the next color change" or "Specifying pause locations before embroidering" on "Setting the machine to stop at color changes" to set the machine to stop with thread spools that must be changed.


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