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FAQ & Fehlerbehebung

FAQ & Fehlerbehebung

I get the message "OneDrive could not be accessed" and cannot open or save any files. (P-touch Editor 5.1/5.2 for Windows)

For P-touch Editor 5.2:

Update your P-touch Editor to the latest version (5.2.020 or higher).


For P-touch Editor 5.1:

Do the following:


If you cannot open any files from [Open] - [OneDrive]:


  1. Start P-touch Editor and click [Open] - [Computer].
  2. Select [OneDrive] from [Look in] and choose the file you want to open.


If you cannot save any files from [File] - [Save to Web]:


  1. Click [File] -  [Save] or [Save as].
  2. Click [OneDrive], and then click the [Save] button.
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