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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The network scanning feature does not work when pressing the scan key on my Brother machine control panel. (For Windows)

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:


Step1: Ensure the ControlCenter is running

It will be displayed in the task tray near the system clock. If this program is not active, open the ControlCenter.

  • Brother Utilities supported models
    1. Open Brother Utilities.
      • Windows 7 / 10 / 11
        Click Start or Start(Start) > (All Programs or All apps >) Brother > Brother Utilities.
      • Windows 8
        On the Start screen, click Start.
        If  is not  on the Start screen, right-click somewhere on an empty spot, and then click, All Apps from the bar.
        Click Brother Utilities.
    2. Select Scan.
    3. Click ControlCenter4.
  • Brother Utilities unsupported models
    Click Start(Start) > All Programs > Brother > [model name] > ControlCenter4.


Try to scan again. If you are still not able to scan from the buttons on the machine, continue to the next step.


Step2: Verify that the scanner driver is installed and the port is configured correctly

NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and operating system and may differ from your Brother machine and operating system.


(Windows 11 or later)

Make sure the Brother TWAIN or WIA driver is selected as the primary source in your scanning application.


If you cannot find the Brother TWAIN or WIA driver in your scanning application, you need to install the scanner driver.

> Go to Downloads section of this website and download Full Driver & Software Package or Scanner Driver.

The installation instructions are available on the download page.

If the issue continues, go to Step 3.


(Windows 10 or earliler)
  1. Open Scanner Properties. (Click here to see how to open Scanner Properties.)
  2. The Network Scanner Properties dialog box appears. Click the Network Setting tab and select Specify your machine by address or Specify your machine by name.

    Network Scanner Properties


    • If you select Specify your machine by address, enter the IP Address of the machine in IP Address box, and then click OK.
    • If you select Specify your machine by name,


      1. Enter the machine node name in the Node Name box, or click Browse and select the Brother machine you want to use and click OK.

        Search for Devices


      2. Click OK.
      You can find your machine's IP Address or Node Name using the control panel.
       > Click here to see how to check your machine's IP Address or Node Name.

Step3: Check for a firewall setting on your computer

If a Firewall on your computer is active, it may be rejecting the necessary network connection needed for the network scanning software to operate properly. Disable the Firewall on your computer and try the network scanning again.

Temporarily change your firewall/security settings to allow network connection

Your computer's firewall/security software may be preventing the network connection from being established. If you receive firewall-related notifications, we recommend temporarily changing the security settings on your computer to establish the connection.

Customize Settings


  • Before disabling the firewall, make sure the changes you want to make are suitable for your network. Brother will not take any responsibility for any consequences of disabling the firewall.
  • When finished, make sure to turn the firewall on again.

If the feature works properly after disabling the Firewall, this means the Firewall on your computer is rejecting the necessary network connection. In this case, Brother recommends you either disable the Firewall on your computer whenever you need to network scan using the scan key or leave the Firewall enabled and adjust the Firewall settings.

If the firewall blocks network communication, we recommend adding the following Internal/External ports in your firewall:

  • UDP: 54925
  • UDP: 137
  • UDP: 161

If the issue still continues after changing the Firewall settings, refer to "FAQs & Troubleshooting" for other information.

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