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FAQs & Troubleshooting

What machine's functions and how can Administrators restrict access for users? <Restricted functions and its instructions for Administrators>

You can restrict machine functions for users as needed. Restricting functions can enhance security and reduce cost.


Functions Functions How to turn on restrictions

Scan to USB (USB Direct Scan) *1

Use Secure Function Lock on to restrict Public Access to the functions on the left.
> Click here to see how to set Secure Function Lock?
USB Direct Print
Web Connect (Upload/Download) *1
Copy *1 *2
Scan *1
Print *2
Fax TX (Fax Sending)

Fax RX (Fax Receiving)

(Restrict printing of received fax to specific users)

Change machine Settings Use Secure Function Lock or Setting Lock.
> Click here to see how to set Secure Function Lock.
> Click here to see how to set Setting Lock.
Change Printer Driver Settings Use Administrator function.
> Click here to see how to set Administrator function.
Access to the machine from a computer Use IPv4 Filter.
> Click here to set IPv4 Filter.
Dialing for FAX Sending Use Dial Restriction function.
> Click here to see how to set Dial Restriction.


*1: Available models only

*2: You can restrict printing but also the number of prints and copies.

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