The printer prints unexpectedly or it prints garbage.

  1. Check if the printer cable is not too long. It is recommended to use a parallel cable of less than 2 meters (6.6 feet) in length.

  2. Check that the printer cable is not damaged or broken. Also check that the printer cable is connected to the correct interface connectors of both the printer and PC.

  3. If an interface-switching device is used, remove it and connect the computer directly to the printer and try again.

  4. Check that the appropriate printer driver is selected and Set as Default printer. Also check that the correct print port is set for the selected printer driver.

  5. Check that the printer is not connected to the same port, which is also connected to a mass storage device or scanner. Remove all other devices and connect the port to the printer only.
  6. Turn the printer status monitor OFF in the device options tab in the printer driver.
  7.  If the print port is set as an ECP port, change it to a Normal port.

  8. Reset the printer to the factory settings.

    1. Turn the printer power switch OFF. Check that the front cover is closed.
    2. Turn the printer power switch ON while holding down the GO button until the Toner, Drum and Paper or Error LEDS are lit.
    3. Release the GO button. All LEDs will be off.
    4. Press the GO button 8 times. The Ready LED will flash briefly while the printer is reset. After the printer is reset the READY LED will be lit.
  9. Try printing from the program or application again. If print jobs are stalled in the print spooler, they may need to be deleted before sending a new print job.

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