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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

When the thread became tangled under the bobbin winder seat

If the bobbin winding starts when the thread is not passed under the pretension disk of the bobbin winding thread guide correctly, the thread may become tangled under the bobbin winder seat.

In such a case, wind off the thread according to the following procedure.


(1) Thread

(2) Bobbin winder seat

  • Do not remove the bobbin winder seat even if the thread become tangled under the bobbin winder seat. It may result in injuries.
  • Do not remove the screw of the bobbin winder presser, otherwise the machine may be damaged; you cannot wind off the thread by removing the screw.

    (1) Screw of the bobbin winder presser


  1. If the thread become tangled under the bobbin winder seat, press image3 (start/stop button) once to stop the bobbin winding.

    When the foot controller is plugged in, remove your foot from the foot controller.


    (1) Start/stop button


  2. Cut the thread with scissors beside the bobbin-winding thread guide.

    (1) Bobbin-winding thread guide


  4. Slide the bobbin winder shaft to the left, and then remove the bobbin from the shaft.




  5. Hold the thread end with your left hand, and wind off the thread clockwise near the bobbin with your right hand as shown below.


  6. Wind the bobbin again.

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