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FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the difference between PE-DESIGN 10 and PE-DESIGN NEXT?

Compare the features listed below.


Security Device USB Card Writer PE-DESIGN Software Key New USB style replaces card writer as security device
Install Program CD In the PE-DESIGN Software Key New USB style-CD drive not necessary
Embroidery (PES) files can be displayed as thumbnails in Windows Explorer - New designs displayed in Windows Explorer for viewing
New embroidery frame size setting (240 × 360 mm frame) - New 9 1/2" x 14" without re-hooping
Specify multiple sewing directions - New can specify multiple lines indicating sewing directions
Move the stitch pattern reference points - New move points to arrange stitch patterns for a more decorative effect
PhotoStitch™ conversion Enhanced new masks and color settings
Optimize sewing order - New reduces number of thread color changes
Convert stitch patterns to outline patterns - New commands to convert stitch patterns to shape patterns
Split Outline tool - New can split part of shape enclosed by specific points
Split and connect stitch data - New splits one pattern into two and connects two stitch patterns into one
Split and connect outline data - New splits one open shape pattern into two and connects two shape patterns into one
Density setting Enhanced allows better coverage for 3D and puffy foam
Chain Stitch - New additional line sew type
Net Fill Stitch, Zigzag Net Fill Stitch - New additional variation for region fill
Paste Attributes command - New color, sew type & attributes are copied and pasted to a selected pattern
Import design to Layout & Editing from Design Center as shape patterns - New import embroidery data as stitches or as outlines
Built in Regular fonts 95 120 Enhanced spacing and size of characters has been adjusted
Built in Small fonts 5 10 Enhanced 1/4" tall or less and still readable
Number of built-in designs Over 800 Over 1,000 Enhanced  
PhotoStitch™ sample image 16 46 Enhanced  
PhotoStitch™ sample design 12 42 Enhanced  
User interface
Ribbon U/I Enhanced one click
Design Library U/I Enhanced easily add designs to design page
Gradations U/I Enhanced gradation patterns can be easily adjusted
Entry/exit points U/I Enhanced easily adjust patterns
Name of built in Fonts - New easier reference to font style
Font Filter command - New filters to list selected types of fonts
Recommended minimum font size information - New guide for built-in font size
Context menus from right-click Enhanced quick tools with right click
Startup Wizard Enhanced access desired functions and files with single click
Fabric Selector - New change sewing attribute to recommend setup for fabric type
Guide Line - New tool to align embroidery patterns
Matrix copy Enhanced creates copies of selected patterns at an equal distance apart
EMF & SVG Vector import - New EMF & SVG file types can be converted to embroidery data
Applique Wizard Enhanced can be used with combined patterns & text
Cutwork Wizard - New create cutwork patterns
Embroidered patch Wizard - New create satin stitches and cutting lines around selected patterns
Show/Hide stitched objects on Design page - New patterns displayed or hidden on Design page
Show/Hide Not stitched objects on sewing order dialog - New patterns not sewn are displayed or hidden
Color changes/Total colors can be displayed Enhanced set for project selected
Measure tool Enhanced  
Feature Included
- Feature Not Included


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