How do I change such label designs as character size, width, style and underline/frame?

<Size, Style, Width>

  1. Press the [Text] key (  /  ).

  2. Press the Cursor key (  ) until your desired item is displayed.

  3. Press the [OK] key or Enter key (  ) to apply the setting.

    Size Large Large
    Medium Medium
    Small Small
    Style Normal Normal
    Bold Bold
    Outline Outline
    Shadow Shadow
    Italic Italic
    I+Bold Italic+Bold
    I+Outline Italic+Outline
    I+Shadow Italic+Shadow
    Vertical Vertical
    V+Bold Vertical+Bold
    Width Normal Normal
    × 2 x 2
    × 1/2 x 1/2


<Underline, Frame>

  1. Press the [Menu] key.

  2. Press the Cursor key to select [Undl/Frame], and then press the [OK] key or Enter key.

  3. Press the Cursor key to select your desired frame type, and then press the [OK] key or Enter key.

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